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COB LED Strip Light

Why Choose ZBL Lighting as Your LED Strip Lighting Supplier?

At ZBL Lighting, we proudly stand as one of China's premier COB LED Strip manufacturers, boasting over 12 years of manufacturing and OEM/ODM expertise. Our confidence in the quality of our LED strips is unwavering, and we offer competitive pricing that significantly undercuts our competitors. This advantage is made possible through our strategic partnerships with reliable LED strip raw material suppliers, allowing us to help you not only save money but also enhance your reputation.

Innovation is at the core of our values, with a commitment to continuous product development and improvements each year. We adapt to the ever-evolving market demands and readily accept OEM and ODM requests to meet our clients' unique needs.

Choose ZBL Lighting for top-quality COB LED strip solutions, customization, and a partnership that's poised to boost your profits and elevate your reputation.

What is COB LED Strip?

A COB LED strip stands for "Chip-On-Board LED strip." This is an LED lighting technology where multiple LED chips are directly mounted onto a circuit board. By coating the chips with a layer of yellow phosphor gel, it eliminates noticeable hotspots, achieving a uniform and soft light output. Consequently, it is favored by a wide range of users.

Advantages of COB LED Strip

  • 1.COB light strips provide even light distribution, reducing shadows and uneven lighting for more consistent illumination.
  • 2.COB strips are usually very thin, suitable for a variety of compact spaces and installation needs.
  • 3.COB light strip has a wider luminous angle of up to 180°.
  • 4. COB strip light is more convenient to install, and even can not be directly installed with aluminum profiles and so on.
  • 5. COB strip light is more stable, longer life, up to 50,000 hours.

Application scenarios of COB LED strip

Architectural Lighting, Retail Displays, Residential Lighting, Hospitality, Exhibition and Museums, Entertainment and Events, Automotive, Industrial Applications, Outdoor Lighting, Signage and Branding, Hospital and Healthcare, Greenhouse Lighting, Accent and Mood Lighting

  • Houses
  • Outdoor bridges
  • Outdoor
  • Decoration
  • Houses
  • Outdoor bridges
  • Outdoor
  • Decoration

Why choose our COB strips from ZBL Lighting?

Outstanding Luminous Efficacy: Achieve an astonishing 97 in luminous efficacy with our COB LED strips.

5-Year Warranty: We offer a comprehensive five-year warranty to ensure the stable operation of your lighting projects.

Stringent Quality Control: Each COB LED strip undergoes 8 layers of quality inspection, ensuring strict control over product quality.

24/7 Online Support: Our round-the-clock online customer service ensures peace of mind for our customers.

International Certifications: Our products are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, and other international standards, guaranteeing quality and passing rigorous inspections.

12 Years of LED Manufacturing Expertise: With a 12-year focus on LED production, we embody the spirit of craftsmanship to excel in what we do.

Customization and OEM/ODM Services: We offer rich experience in customization and OEM/ODM services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Special needs? Want deep customization?

Do you have specific requirements for your COB LED strips? No need to worry. Just let us know your needs, and we'll respond promptly within 12 hours.

Parameter Description Customization Options
LED Type Choose the type of COB LED chips Available options: Cree, Osram, Bridgelux, Epistar, etc.
LED Color Select the color temperature of the LEDs Range: 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white), RGB options
LED Wattage Specify the power rating of the COB LEDs Range: 1W to 100W per chip, or custom wattage
LED CRI (Color Rendering Index) Define the color rendering ability Typical options: 80, 90, 95, 97 or custom CRI levels
LED Voltage Choose the voltage requirements for LEDs Custom voltage options based on project requirements
LED PCB Color Select the color of the PCB substrate Various color choices available, such as white, black, or custom
LED Pitch Specify the spacing between individual LEDs Adjustable based on the desired density and light distribution
LED Dimming Decide if the LEDs should be dimmable Dimmable or non-dimmable options, with compatible drivers
LED Beam Angle Define the beam angle for light distribution Options include narrow, medium, wide, or customized beam angles
LED IP Rating Choose the level of waterproofing for LEDs Options: IP20, IP65, IP67, or custom IP ratings
LED Housing Material Select the material for LED housing Aluminum, plastic, or other materials based on project needs
LED Length Specify the length of the LED strip Custom lengths from a few centimeters to meters
LED Connector Type Determine the type of connectors for easy installation Various connector options, including solderless connectors
LED Driver Type Choose the type of LED driver for power supply Constant voltage, constant current, or dimmable drivers
LED Quantity Decide the number of LEDs per meter Custom LED density based on desired brightness and application
Thermal Management Select the heat sink and cooling options Passive or active cooling solutions for heat dissipation

Our COB Strip Product Certificates

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