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RGB Strip Light


What is LED RGB strip light?

LED RGB strip light is a kind of LED strip light using three basic colors: red, green and blue, where RGB stands for the initials of the three English words red, green and blue.

LED RGB strip is a strip of many small LEDs, each LED chip contains three colors of red, green and blue light-emitting diodes, which can be controlled by the brightness and ratio of the three colors to achieve different color effects. Through different control methods and technologies, a variety of dynamic, static, gradient, jumping and other color change effects can be achieved.

LED RGB strips are widely used for decoration and lighting in home, commercial and entertainment places, such as: building exterior, interior decoration, stage lighting, shopping mall advertising, hotel restaurant, nightclub KTV, etc.

In addition, there are some extended versions of RGB strips, such as RGBW strips, RGB+CCT strips, etc. They add white light or color temperature adjustment function to RGB strips, making the color effect more abundant and practical.

Application scenarios of LED RGB strip

  • TV background
    TV background
  • Living room
    Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bar

Advantages of LED RGB Strip lights

1. Energy efficiency: LED RGB strip lights are highly energy efficient and use significantly less power than traditional lighting solutions. This means that they can help reduce energy costs and have a lower impact on the environment.

2. Long lifespan: LED RGB strip lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting solutions, which can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime. They can last up to 50,000 hours or more, which means they can operate for several years before requiring replacement.

3. Versatility: LED RGB strip lights are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, from accent lighting to full-room lighting. They are also available in various sizes and configurations, making it easy to find a solution that meets your specific needs.

4. Color options: LED RGB strip lights offer a wide range of color options that can be easily customized to fit your preferences. You can choose from millions of colors and adjust the brightness, saturation, and hue to create the perfect ambiance.

5. Easy installation: LED RGB strip lights are very easy to install and can be cut to fit any length. They also come with adhesive backing, making it easy to attach them to any surface.

6. Low heat emission: LED RGB strip lights emit very little heat compared to traditional lighting solutions, which means they are safer to use and can help reduce cooling costs.

7.Eco-friendly: LED RGB strip lights are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful materials, such as mercury or lead. This makes them a safer and more sustainable lighting solution.

The difference between RGB strip light and RGBW strip light

RGB strip is LED strip welded each LED is composed of red, green, blue three chips, they can be issued alone red, green, blue three monochrome, can also be three chips together to light, combined into a white light,. If you add the controller, you can achieve the red, green, blue, white four colors in turn and flashing effect. RGB strip can also have two of the chips or three of them emitting light. According to the light-emitting principle and grayscale, RGB strip can adjust the static color of any color, as well as the jumping and fading colors. Since the color of RGB strip is different at each point of time in the whole system, it cannot realize the flowing water and running horse effect. RGBW strip, really the original RGB three primary colors composed of pixels, and then add a white sub-pixel, forming a RGBW four-color pixel, the purpose is to provide the LCD to the effective use of energy, in the RGB three primary colors to increase a white area through the region can improve the LCD utilization of the backlight, increase the LCD display brightness, reduce the LCD power consumption, using this mode will be the purity and saturation of monochrome reduced. RGBW strip with dimmer control, thus achieving a running horse, flowing water, meteor trailing, scanning and other rich light effects.
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