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LED light strip after-sales service
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+86 18923408595
400 telephone service (+86 18923408595) is supported 7x24 hours a week, 365 days a year.

In case of any problems in use or operation, the user can call our after-sales service department to consult with the technicians. If the technical problems cannot be solved in real time, our company will send engineers to the project site for assistance.

Consult immediately
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Pre sales and in sales services
  • Design and development

    From light measurement specifications, to the design of the appearance of the light strip

    Specification, configuration list collection

  • LED light strip manufacturing

    Equipped with the most advanced LED lighting manufacturing equipment

    With proven technology

    Stable supply and strict management

  • Quality Assurance

    Strictly control the quality of each raw material, including aluminum and plastic particles, some key parts, including the LED driver, and the assembly of the whole stripMulti-process testing to ensure high quality and quality product output

Warranty Coverage

Based on the trust of our company's product quality, our company solemnly promises that the failure caused by the quality of the equipment and materials supplied by our company for this project will enjoy contractual warranty period free warranty service. Including.

  • Strip operation troubleshooting

  • Free replacement and repair of faulty parts

  • Free training in the operation of the lamp, circuit maintenance and other aspects of personnel

  • Provide sufficient technical information and spare parts

  • Replace the components used are tested and inspected before use

More Services

More exclusive services for customized products

  • OEM/ODM Service

    Astronergy accepts OEM/ODM orders from 10,000 meters.

    Well-organized production schedule to ensure implementation on schedule

    Fast delivery and time guarantee to keep you strong among your competitors

  • Exclusive Sales

    Exclusive custom-designed products from ZBL

    For long-term cooperation with strategic partners

    We will keep it strictly confidential and ensure that you have exclusive rights to the appearance of the product

  • Project Management

    1-to-1 follow-up by professional business managers

    Real-time response to your needs and project progress

Event Guarantee

ZBL provides on-site support services, and will assign professional engineers to provide technical support services at the customer's event site to escort the customer's business activities

  • Lighting commissioning

    Provide overall commissioning of LED light equipment before the start of the event, complete LED equipment operation and acceptance

  • Troubleshooting

    Comprehensive testing and rapid troubleshooting of equipment failures during the event

  • Troubleshooting

    Timely repair of equipment software and system-related problems during the event

After Sales Service

Telephone guidance, arrange professional engineer docking to ensure timely troubleshooting

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