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Provide the best LED strip OEM/ODM service for you

ZBL is one of the most professional OEM&ODM LED strip light manufacturers in China


High quality LED strip light manufacturing factory

ZBL is deeply engaged in the field of strip light for 11 years, and we are a very professional LED strip light factory! Our LED strips have low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency. ZBL has set up an engineering research and development team, which is constantly engaged in research and development to ensure our product design, production, sales and after-sales capabilities, and to ensure the competitiveness of our products for our customers. You can get the best LED strip light and the best after-sales service and guarantee from ZBL with the best price.

LED lights lead the way for first manufacturers

ZBL's light strips look good and practical and are highly malleable. We have a very efficient production capacity with a 5000 square meter factory and over 30 LED automation machines so you don't have to suffer from late delivery!

At the same time, in order to ensure the quality is guaranteed, each of our strips will undergo strict testing, extreme environment testing before delivery to you. According to your product requirements, aging test, brightness test, IP rating test, etc., to ensure that each strip is delivered with high quality


Customizable for your choice of various types of LED strips

Customizable SMD strips, cob strips, rgb strips, neon strips, pixed light, we can customize them all for you quickly. Fully meet your customized LED strip needs

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You can customize LED strip light parameters

  • Customized LED lamp bead model

  • Customized LED lamp bead model per meter

  • Customized PCB Width

  • Customized output voltage

  • Customized Power per meter

  • Customized LED strip light RA

  • IP level customization

  • LOGO customization

ZBL has more than twenty authoritative agencies' certification reports

High quality, high standard, we say no more. Talking with data, this is one of the reasons why we are leading in the field of LED strip light


Your Best China Strip Light Supplier

  • High quality branded lamp beads(Philips, Osram, CORE, Epistar, San'an)

  • Equipped with high-quality LED power supply, stable so that the life longer

  • Adopt high quality copper wire, higher current efficiency, more environmental protection

  • Interesting and fun IC, more fun lighting modes to choose from

The production process of high quality light strips

The production process of the strip is standardized, equipped with fully automatic equipment and a dust-free workshop, together with strict aging tests. Extreme environment test (high and low temperature resistance), IP level test, etc.

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Why choose ZBL as your China partner?

  • 1.More reasonable prices

    ZBL belongs to the manufacturing factory, all orders are completed by the complete production process within the factory, with a mature supply chain products, and therefore can provide more competitive prices. The same price to achieve better quality, the same product to achieve lower price

  • 2.Highly efficient and innovative automated processes

    zbl's production capacity is highly efficient, with a monthly capacity of up to 20 million meters. In addition to the perfect process, the fully automated equipment operation makes the production faster and more standardized. Ensure your products are delivered on time

  • 3.Focusing on LED strip production for 11 years, repeat makes ZBL more professional

    With 11 years of focus on the LED strip field, a high level of professionalism is inseparable from countless repetitions of practice. zbl's staff has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and will make you feel at ease, both in communicating with you and in understanding the use of the products.

  • 4.Strong R&D strength

    zbl invests 30% of its annual revenue stream in R&D to ensure product iterations and updates to keep our products competitive in the market. At the same time, our strong team of engineers and R&D team can help you solve all your special LED strip needs

  • 5.24/7 Customer Service

    As your premium strip light supplier, zbl provides 24/7 customer service to ensure you get real-time technical support and support for your product needs. The company has a professional customer service team and a perfect after-sales service process to ensure you get the best after-sales experience

  • 6.Courier Service

    zbl provides you with the most suitable logistics method according to the quantity of your products, and has an experienced sales team to track the progress of your shipments to ensure they are delivered quickly and provide you with real-time logistics feedback to keep you informed of the logistics progress.


Contact us now and receive a response in as little as 1 hour!

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