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SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 1
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 2
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 3
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 4
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 5
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 6
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 1
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 2
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 3
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 4
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 5
SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K - 6

SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K


Model SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m
Power 24W/m
CRI 97
Service life 50000h
Board width 10mm
Color temperature 1900K/2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K
Whether dimming Yes
Luminous angle 180°
Maximum run length Maximum run length up to 16 ft (5 meters)
Working voltage DC12V/DC24V
Cutting length 3 LEDs 12.5mm/6 LEDs 25mm
Protection grade IP20,IP65,IP67,IP68
Warranty time 5 year
Tape 3M 9495
Operating temperature -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Certification UL,CE,ERP,RoHS
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Product Specifications Details

Model No. LED Type LED Qty (pcs/m) CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen (Lm/m) CRI
SMD2835-240-6000K-V12 2835 240 6000K±300K 12V DC 24W/M 2250~2385Lm 97+
SMD2835-240-4000K-V12 2835 240 4000K±200K 12V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-3000K-V12 2835 240 3000K±100K 12V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-2700K-V12 2835 240 2700K±100K 12V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-1900K-V12 2835 240 1900K±100K 12V DC 24W/M /
SMD2835-240-6000K-V24 2835 240 6000K±300K 24V DC 24W/M 2250~2385Lm 97+
SMD2835-240-4000K-V24 2835 240 4000K±200K 24V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-3000K-V24 2835 240 3000K±100K 24V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-2700K-V24 2835 240 2700K±100K 24V DC 24W/M 97+
SMD2835-240-1900K-V24 2835 240 1900K±100K 24V DC 24W/M /

The SMD2835 LED Strip with 240 LEDs per meter is a high-density lighting solution that can provide bright and even illumination for a variety of applications. With its compact size and high brightness, this LED strip is ideal for use in applications where space is limited but high light output is needed.


Each meter of the strip contains 240 high-quality SMD2835 LEDs that are evenly spaced along the strip. This results in a uniform and bright light output with no dark spots or uneven lighting. The LEDs have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution.


The strip is designed with a flexible PCB board that can be easily bent and shaped to fit around corners and curves, making it ideal for use in decorative lighting applications. The strip is also easy to install with its 3M adhesive backing, which allows for quick and secure mounting.


The SMD2835 LED Strip with 240 LEDs per meter is available in a range of color temperatures, including warm white, cool white, and neutral white, to meet the needs of different applications. It is also available in different IP ratings, including IP20 for indoor use and IP65 and IP68 for outdoor and wet location use.


In addition, the strip is dimmable with compatible dimming controllers, allowing for customizable lighting levels to create the desired ambiance. With its high brightness, flexible design, and customizable options, the SMD2835 LED Strip with 240 LEDs per meter is an excellent lighting solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


Welcome to consult customer service customization
Custom LED Strip
Not only offer standard products bu with customzed package,specification, length…
Custom Aluminum Profle
Factory finished aluminum profile and cove options are cuttable in specified length accordingto custom requirements
Custom Assemble Solutlons
Supply LEDStrip & aluminum profle asssembling service and simplify the installation process forUsers,Personalized length and color temerature is avaiable.
LED Type SMD2835 SMD5050 SMD3528 SMD3014 SMD2216 SMD2110 SMD3838 SMD3535 SMD4040
LED Quality 12leds 18leds 30leds 48leds 60leds 90leds 120leds126leds150leds …
Voltage 3V 5V 9V 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 110V …
CCT 1800K 2400K 2700K 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K 10000K 15000K …
Power(w/m) 4.8W/M 6W/M 7.6W/M 10W/M 14W/M 18W/M20W/M 24W/M 36W/M …
Lumen/M 500lm/M 600lm/M 700lm/M 800lm/M 900lm/M 1000lm/M1200lm/M1500lm/M 2000lm/M …
PCB 3MM 4MM 5MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 15MM 20MM 22MM …
Waterproof(IP Rating) IP20 IP54 Silicone spray, IP65 Silicone Dropping, IP67 Silicone Tube, IP68 Silicone gel pouring …
Adhesive Tape 3M 3M 9080A 30OMP 9495 VHB …


Every ZBL product,from design to material selection to production qualityinspection, is always higher than the industry standard, has gone throughlayers of safety testing, and has passed many international safety certifications before finally reaching your hands.


The display index of > 90 is adopted to make the light emitted more like natural light and restore the original light color


ZBL LED strips light are made of 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which is very sticky, can not only isolate moisture and play a sealing role,but also have the characteristics of solubility resistance, high temperatureand low temperature resistance, etc.Customers can also customize waterproof double-sided adhesive tape with waterproof characteristics.


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ZBL Technology Industrial Limited is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in LED light R&D,producing,selling,post-sell service.We have an experienced technology and marketing team.Technology iskey to energy saving.ZBL Technology is persisted in researching and developing new technologyfor the LED products.Currently,we have a series of independent and know-hows on LED lights.Allour products are produced according to ISO9001 standard. Our main product are LED Strip,SmartStrip Light,COB Strip Light,LED Atmosphere Light,LED Neon Light Strip,Window Light,ChristmasLights,Garden Light etc.And we provide professional OEM/ODM service to customers.Based onadvanced technology,superior product quality,flexible marketing strategy,fast delivery and excellentservice,ZBL Technology has taken a solid first step and is aiming to become the leading role ofLED industry in China.We are now in the period of fast development,and willing to establish firmand sustainable partnership with the customers in domestic and abroad.

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Common Questions and Answers for SMD2835 LED Strip 240LEDs/m DC24V 1900K-6000K


What is an SMD2835 LED strip?

The SMD2835 LED strip is a popular, versatile lighting solution that uses Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology to create bright, energy-efficient illumination. It is comprised of small LED chips, carefully arranged on a flexible printed circuit board.


What is the density of the SMD2835 LED strip?

The SMD2835 LED strip has a density of 240 LEDs per meter, making it a good choice for both decorative and accent lighting.


What is the input voltage of the SMD2835 LED strip?

The input voltage of the SMD2835 LED strip is DC 24V, ensuring safe and reliable performance for both residential and commercial applications.


What is the color temperature range of the SMD2835 LED strip?

The SMD2835 LED strip has a color temperature range of 1900K-6000K, providing warm white or cool white light, depending on your needs and preferences.


Can the SMD2835 LED strip be cut to length?

Yes, the SMD2835 LED strip can be cut to length at designated cut points, allowing it to fit into any desired length according to the specific installation requirements.


What is the maximum length for the SMD2835 LED strip?

The maximum length of the SMD2835 LED strip depends on the specific power supply used and the wiring method. It is recommended to consult with a professional to determine the maximum length for each application.


How is the SMD2835 LED strip installed?

The SMD2835 LED strip can be installed using mounting brackets, adhesive tape, or other fixing methods. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommended installation instructions.


Is the SMD2835 LED strip energy-efficient?

Yes, the SMD2835 LED strip is energy-efficient and consumes less power compared to conventional lighting fixtures. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for lighting applications.


What is the lifespan of the SMD2835 LED strip?

The lifespan of the SMD2835 LED strip is typically around 50,000 hours, making it a long-lasting and durable lighting solution.


Is the SMD2835 LED strip dimmable?

Yes, the SMD2835 LED strip is dimmable with a compatible dimmer or controller, allowing users to adjust the brightness level according to their needs and preferences.


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