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ZBL is a professional LED strip manufacturer, you can quickly find the products you want by category, all types of LED strip products support custom service.

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Stand out LED strip design style, strict control of quality output, ZBL is a very strong LED strip factory

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Founded in 2010, ZBL provides ┃LED strip lighting┃COB strip lighting┃CSP strip lighting┃Mini LED and LED lighting services worldwide, offering innovative/low energy consumption/healthy/environmentally friendly/energy-saving/ solutions. In the face of the increasingly serious climate change, ZBL has long been concerned about environmental issues and upholds the management mission of "environmental protection and energy saving, love the earth", and continues to develop innovative energy-saving products and solutions, and constantly strives to improve the energy conversion efficiency of its products in order to reduce the impact of global warming on human survival. In recent years, ZBL has gradually moved from being a key component manufacturer to a total energy saving solution provider, and has deepened its business in the two major areas of "lighting and components" and "automation".

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It has passed Swiss SGS authoritative quality system ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 environmental system, ROHS, CE, UL and ETL certification, and is also a well-known trademark in China.ZBL is the vice chairman of China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association Lighting Application Branch, the director of National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Industry Alliance, the vice chairman of Guangdong Lighting Association LED Professional Committee, the Shenzhen LED Industry Association executive vice president, and in August 2012 became the designated supplier of LED lights for the 63rd birthday celebration of Tiananmen Square only.


ZBL has deep cooperation with many famous companies all over the world

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    In the field of LED Strip, we take pride in offering high quality LED Strip. With high quality and most affordable LED Strip products, we have customers all over the world. With 11 years of rich export experience to 35 countries including USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc. When you order LED strip products from Zhengbang, you can have confidence in us!

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    ZBL can provide you with a complete shipping solution from the factory to your doorstep, which means you only need to provide us with your address details and simply sit back at home and receive your products.

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    ZBL's effective team and operational processes are tailored to solve your problems. Our team must follow up on the products we sell until the light strips are installed and in use for 3 years. During this time, we continue to provide timely shipping status, LED strip installation methods, maintenance, and replacement, all of which are important to us.

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