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We supply a diverse range of LED strips, including SMD, COB, and RGBIC types, catering to various hotel lighting needs in guest rooms, corridors, restaurants, and lobbies. Our specialization lies in crafting customized lighting solutions, meeting specific color, brightness, shape, and design requirements. We extend our services to the design and manufacturing of distinctive lighting fixtures, collaborating closely with our clients. Drawing from extensive experience in hotel projects, we provide expert guidance and support to ensure successful lighting implementations.

Light is the embodiment of the atmosphere, providing the first image of the brand image

As an important part of the living space, the lighting design of the hotel space is of paramount importance. Excellent lighting design not only helps to enhance the style of the indoor environment.
  • High brightness
  • Multifunctional installation
  • Intelligent dimming
  • Soft lighting
  • Relaxing Experience
  • Energy saving

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