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SMD Strip Light


What is SMD LED Strip light?

SMD LED means surface mount light emitting diode, SMD SMD chip helps to increase production efficiency as well as different facility applications. It is a solid state semiconductor device that converts electricity directly into light. It has a voltage of 1.9-3.2V, with the lowest voltage for red and yellow light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer, one end of the wafer is attached to a holder, one end is negative, and the other end is connected to the positive end of the power supply, so that the whole wafer is encapsulated by epoxy resin. Semiconductor wafer consists of two parts, one is a P-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate, the other end is an N-type semiconductor, on this side is mainly electrons. However, when these two semiconductors are connected, a P-N junction is formed between them. When the current through the wire acting on this wafer, the electrons will be pushed to the P region, in the P region, the electrons and holes compound, and then will be issued in the form of photons of energy, which is the principle of LED light. And the wavelength of light, which is the color of light, is determined by the formation of the P-N junction material.

Application of SMD strip lights

  • House
  • Staircase outdoor
    Staircase outdoor
  • Hotels
  • Decoration

Advantages of LED SMD Strip lights

1. Flexible, can be curled like wire

2. Can cut and extend the connection, the shortest can do 1 light a cut.

3. Lamp beads and circuits are completely wrapped with flexible plastic, insulated, waterproof and safe to use.

4. High brightness, long service life.

5. Mature industry chain, complete automation equipment, high capacity

6. Easy to install, height can be customized. Circuit board is lighter and thinner, suitable for various installation scenarios.

7. Easy to make graphics, text and other shapes.

SMD Strip Light FAQ

What is SMD5050 light strip?
SMD5050 strip 5050 is one of the earliest forms of lamp bead packages to appear. In the beginning, the power was very low, usually 0.1-0.2W, however, with the development of technology, there are already 1W-3W SMD5050 light strips. Moreover, due to the large size of 5050 beads, there are many variations that can be made into RGB, RGWB, and control ICs are encapsulated inside the beads.
What is SMD led chip?
One of the unique features of SMD LED chips is the number of contacts and diodes they have. SMD LED chips can have more than two contacts (which makes them different from classic DIP LEDs). There can be up to three diodes on a single chip, each with a separate circuit. Each circuit will have a cathode and an anode, resulting in 2, 4 or 6 contacts in a single chip.
How to compare the difference between led lights COB and SMD?
Start comparing between COB and SMD LED lamps, or start by comparing the differences between COB and SMD LED lamps. For example, you can choose between SMD and COB types depending on the need for energy efficiency and versatility. COB and SMD LED lamps differ in terms of functionality and semiconductors.
How to choose the type of SMD lamp beads?
The 5050 LED chip is generally better suited for use as RGB and the 2835 is better suited for use in monochrome scenarios. Suitable for general lighting applications including hallway lighting, task lighting, restaurant, hotel, and room lighting.
SMD SMD lamp heat serious?
SMD strip lighting as a new type of lighting also generates heat, but at a much safer temperature compared to the lighting of the past. The heat generated by the lighting will also warm your surroundings, and this ambient heat is greatly reduced when using LED lighting compared to the old incandescent lighting.
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